Nine Reasons Why An Old American Man Should Move To Thailand Alan Reeder-Camponi



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Nine Reasons Why An Old American Man Should Move To Thailand  by  Alan Reeder-Camponi

Nine Reasons Why An Old American Man Should Move To Thailand by Alan Reeder-Camponi
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This is not a book on how to get more sex from Thai women or how to survive on a shoestring budget. I have lived with a woman who was born in Bangkok for over three years and been married to her for two years. If it were not for my exposure to her and her family, I would now know how to survive in Bangkok ... but I would only have a superficial understanding of Thais and Thai culture.Unlike some books written on relocating to Thailand, I dont think Thailand turns out to be a wonderful country for everyone.

It works very well for me. And in this guide you will learn why.More than anything, this guide is about Thai culture. If you are coming here from the USA it will be hard for you to overestimate how different Thai culture is from that in the USA. In the USA you have literally hundreds of religions.

In Thailand, something like 95% of the population is Buddhist. Buddhism is reflected everywhere in Thai life. Many of the foreigners I meet who are confused by what they run into here on a day-to-day basis have not looked into Buddhism. In my opinion, if you dont have an appreciation for and understanding of Buddhism, you will not end up being comfortable with Thai culture and living in Thailand for any length of time.Im very happy living in Bangkok with my Thai wife.

In this book Ive tried to convey some of what that life is like … and to compare my quality of life here to what I experienced in the USA. Part of my motivation for writing the book is thinking that eventually something might happen to me while living here that will sour me on Thailand.

At that point, Ill want something to remind me of why I chose to live here. So far, Im still on my honeymoon. I dont think Thailand or Thai culture is perfect by any means. But, from my experience, the positives far outweigh the negatives.To be very honest, there are many things about Thai culture and how Thais think that I just do not understand. For example, Thais are generally a very nonviolent people. Rather than kill stray or unwanted dogs, they abandon them at temples or leave them to fend for themselves on the street.

But… Ive been told by more than one person that hiring someone to kill a person who you want killed is not that difficult in Thailand. The strange part of all this is that it seems to be morally ok to have someone killed … but not morally acceptable to do it yourself.Thailand is full of extreme contrasts and apparent contradictions.

Ive tried in this book to communicate some of this. For example, Bangkok is an adult Disneyland without brakes. If you have the money, you can buy most anything. But … the ones who get the most respect are the monks (even the King of Thailand shows a monk respect by waiing him). So, its the ones who are able to turn their backs on all the worldly pleasures who are given the most respect.If you come to live here you will gradually come to think you understand something about Thailand. But I think maybe the experience of living here will actually teach you more about the country you just left.

All those things you took for granted for all those years start to seem like just one of many choices. For example, in the USA people usually consider their home to be a personal statement of who they are. Americans generally like to invite people to visit their home. Thais, on the other hand, usually meet friends at a restaurant to socialize. Thais are reluctant to invite friends to their home.Those in charge of advertising Thailand to the world have chosen the phrase amazing Thailand to promote tourism.

In my opinion, this is not false advertising. I hope my book can help prepare you for what you will find in Thailand…and to decide if it is really a good choice for you.

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